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#16197 Name: Anonymous   2h
I disagree. Accounts would make it much easier to manage imageboards. Also out of curiosity, do you have a link to that imageboard with accounts?
#16198 Name: Anonymous   3h
An imageboard could have accounts to make moderation more effective, but still display posts anonymously.
That could also allow for gimmicks like letting the OP decide whether replies to their thread are anonymous, use disposable IDs, or display account names. Might be an interesting experiment.
#16199 Name: Anonymous   6h

Attachment is hidden.

The only benefit of being depressed is that my libido has been completely depleted and thus I don't want to watch pornography anymore.
#16200 Name: Anonymous   9h
People with real jobs don't use Reddit. They use Blind or HN.
#16201 Name: Anonymous   11h
NTA but https://1chan.us/board.html is an imageboard with accounts I think. It seems like shit though honestly.
#16202 Name: Anonymous   13h
Will time travel ever exist? I hope it does.
#16203 Name: Anonymous   17h
hey guys what do you guys think im good at? i need a few traits to list about myself for an assignment
#16204 Name: Anonymous   17h
i think youre pretty good at dodging my evil warlock spells and fireballs :0 i also like the way you use your tongue when we gay-kiss (as platonic enemies in the battle of good and evil)
#16205 Name: Anonymous   19h
People actually use Blind? That always seemed like a honeypot to me. At least HN isn't complex enough to be super suspicious and also it's run by a VC directly.
#16206 Name: Anonymous   20h
The cult one was maybe tsuki or something like that. Someone called himself a god and made an imageboard for people to adore him or something like that.
I don't know the details but it was banned in Lainchan and talked about a bit in Arisuchan.
I'm not 100% sure of what i just said, btw.
#16207 Name: Anonymous   22h
lol I feel that, kinda. when I was depressed I lost so much weight because I couldn't be bothered to cook and was too broke to eat out and allergies prevent me from eating most cheaper pre-made foods. Then I got on meds and got a better job and my life is so much better now but god its hard to keep off the weight. I still prefer being fat to being depressed but it's just. sigh why does life gotta be like that! oh well. hope you feel better. I think you're very cool.
#16208 Name: Anonymous   22h
sometimes I wonder if it already does! it feels like if we created it we would do our best to hide it from the past to keep things stable. it is a weird comfort to think maybe our far-future descendants are looking out for us
#16209 Name: Anonymous   22h
it's weird how sometimes stevia has an aftertaste and sometimes it doesn't. like even in the same products. I drink these protein shakes every day and sometimes I taste it and sometimes I don't. I don't mind it but it's just strange.
#16210 Name: Anonymous   22h
I got a flu shot today and they gave me a paw patrol bandaid. I'm 36. I think it's wonderful though. last year I got a metallic glittery bandaid though and that was even more fun.
#16211 Name: Anonymous   22h
you are good at finding cool offbeat webbed sites. a true enjoyer of good things.
#16212 Name: Anonymous   22h
Enjoy your shiny new microchip.
#16213 Name: Anonymous   23h
Yes, Tsuki was what I was thinking of. I don't have a link since I don't remember what the URL was (and I'm not even sure if the site is still up).

It probably would make moderation easier than an anonymous imageboard, but I still stand that it wouldn't be meaningfully different than a traditional forum.
#16214 Name: Anonymous   1d

Attachment is hidden.

When someone invites me to an activity, I have an excuse. If someone tries to integrate another person into a social group, I withdraw. I actively self sabotage to have a small friends group, unless I really enjoy someone's company. Is this weird?
#16215 Name: Anonymous   1d
Needy and often seeking external validation. Perhaps just as a result of low self-esteem, but also just as likely stemming from having both an inflated sense of self-worth and being deeply aware of it, while not having enough people close to you that can reliably tell you how they perceive you.

Lacking any sort of reliable frame of reference by which to judge yourself, and knowing that you cannot trust your own perception of yourself either, you look around outwards for more concrete anchors and traits you can identify yourself through, constructing a "more objective" image of yourself and identity that you can call "the real you"
#16216 Name: Anonymous   1d
Oh wait, misread. You wanted positive traits. Sorry.
#16217 Name: Anonymous   1d
No, it's very common actually. It can cause issues if for whatever reason you lose your stable friend group or you are often lonely whenever you can't meet, but most people would rather be around people they already know they like than have to go through the lengthy song and dance of small talk and trying to get to know someone new.