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#12149 Name: Anonymous   5h
I'm practicing for my drivers license but the person that is teaching me doesn't know how to explain anything.
you'll just feel how to do it
#12150 Name: Anonymous   7h
So it goes...
#12151 Name: Anonymous   7h
Driving sucks ass. They'll be back soon enough.
#12152 Name: Anonymous   8h
Waiting for packages sucks.
Especially when it takes longer then you expect.

Thankfully the postal service here is pretty reliable/punctual.
#12153 Name: Anonymous   10h
Bro that's exactly the reason I decided to get driving lessons, so that the instructor would know how to teach me properly... if you live in Australia you might find "The Driving Test Guy" YouTube channel helpful for a bunch of manoeuvres. But would definitely recommend getting a proper driving instructor if you have the means
#12154 Name: Anonymous   11h
I live in the US but driving never appealed to me. It just seems like such a personally colossal pain compared to the bus: Purchase ($$), maintenance ($$), gas ($$), actually driving (bajillion laws), etc, etc.
My parents coerced me to get a license but I frankly can't give any fucks and don't think it's made me a better person or improved my life or anything.
Then I found out about pro-public transport things that people discuss online which reinforced things a lot.
#12155 Name: Anonymous   12h
How do you tell the difference between catastrophizing and red flags? My bf is perfect in every way except for the red flag about fact he's unmotivated. He has a 2.53 GPA currently, which he blamed on his 100% online first year of college, failed two classes this semester (which hes retaking this summer at least, but on the other hand he's been vague about what he's going to do to improve on his retake), and said he wanted to apply to a summer job, but hasnt put any effort, "ill do it later", and just plays games for 7 hours a day. I know this is all a red flag about him being a slacker, but he's so great in every other way I dont want to break up over this. I know theres the chance he could improve, but the little anxiety demon in my head is telling me to break it off
#12156 Name: Anonymous   13h
if you really loved him you would get him meth
#12157 Name: Anonymous   13h
OFofofofofo. I don't even know to who should I talk about it.
I'm chatting with people in one criclejerk, and I am kinda having enough of it.
Why do all (well, majoirty) people will stab/dream about stabbing you in the back earlier or later.
I kinda should do the same thing one member of that ciclejerk did - quit. But then, I'd lose contact with other dude I like talking with there.....
#12158 Name: Anonymous   15h
I think that the only people who complain about "circlejerks" desperately do not belong in any such communities.
Please leave yours.
#12159 Name: 23   19h
Time for a cigarrette
#12160 Name: Anonymous   20h

Attachment is hidden.

I don't understand people who smoke. Cigarettes are expensive, they smell bad, they pollute the air for everyone that is around you and ruin your health.
#12161 Name: steel-origami   20h
Those are all fair statements.
Have you considered that addictions rewire the brain, and therefore despite their rationality, it's very easy to discard them in favor of emotional arguments?
#12162 Name: Anonymous   21h
ask him to try dopamine fasting or taking adhd medicine, but he's not going to improve if he doesn't put in the effort to do so and take initiative himself
#12163 Name: Anonymous   22h
I actually recomended he take adhd medication. Hes taken the recommendation half heartidly saying he might do it.
He clearly has ADHD because he borrowed adderal from his friend once and he said it didnt make him hyper, but instead calmed him down.
I'll discuss that with him today.
#12164 Name: Anonymous   22h
Do not forget to mention that the mouth of a smoker is disgusting, and that kissing one is foul.
#12165 Name: Anonymous   23h
Glad to hear about the earning of the driving licenses. I am a cyclist and have no license. I do not like driving, especially where I live (United States). Most people are heedless to the rules of the road and I have almost been run over on a few occasions. The rule here is drive or die, which is a sad reality.